PC game publishers should not defecate where they eat

Posted on 1 June 2014 | No responses

RPS posted a positively glowing review of Distant Worlds: Universe this morning, and since RPS are usually reliable (if slightly over-effusive on average) I decided to give it a go. The price, on Steam at least, is pretty high by today’s standards (£37.34 even with 17% off) and definitely closer to AAA pricing than Indie.

I paid up & left it downloading while I went outside and enjoyed as much of the June sunshine as my desk-dweller complexion will allow.

Unfortunately, the game didn’t launch for me. Read more

Email from payments@wayouthere.co.uk?

Posted on 13 May 2014 | No responses

Don’t worry, it’s just spam.

The ‘from’ address on an email can be set to nearly anything by the sender – santa@northpole.com would be acceptable. See http://serverfault.com/questions/249719/how-to-stop-spammers-from-sending-spam-as-me.

What would be nice, is if server admins would turn off the ‘bounce’ emails on their email server. Given the alleged proportions of spam email to real email, all bounce replies really do is generate yet more email traffic and give me a lot of email to delete.


Posted on 30 April 2012 | No responses

Gamehack was a 24hr hackathon put on by various sponsors at Pinewood Studios. I went along with a team of past and present colleagues, and spent 24hrs cranking out code to procedurally generate content & behaviour. It was great to see so many creative people there working on some really ambitious projects (multiplayer peer-to-peer games on any mobile platform? why not?!). Watching everyone present their efforts after 24 hours was hugely inspiring and really brought home just how mature the web has become as a games platform. Read more

Panoramas with Processing (and, gosh, isn’t the Internet hard work?)

Posted on 31 March 2012 | No responses

After the usual all-night frivolities to celebrate NYE 2009/2010 with friends in Portsmouth, I decided I’d grab my camera, walk down to the sea-front and make a 360 panorama of the sunrise. I was big into stitching lots of photos together at the time. Read more

bin2h “won” Google

Posted on 19 February 2012 | No responses

If you search Google for “bin2h” or “bin2h bsd”, or probably other similar terms, then the code I published on Google code for a bin2h program (see earlier post) comes up as the first result. This is the first (and probably last) time I’ve ever “won” Google! :O

Unfortunately, my current employers take a dim view on me moonlighting with open source projects so I can’t update it at all (In fairness, all my employers ever have taken a similar dim view). For the record: I happen to know it ports quite easily to Mac, and from there would presumably go on to *nix environments quite quickly. If I do find myself in a position where I can post an update enabling Mac & *nix, then I will.

I’m reliably informed that most linux distros already include a script that does exactly the same job under the name of bin2c.

Also, I’m retrospectively adding “win Google” to my bucket list. That is all.


Posted on 24 January 2011 | 1 response

I posted a very small bit of code on Google Code Hosting today, for converting binary data to a C array for embedding in an exe. It’s a common enough task, for which I was unable to Google out a suitable binary for a 64bit system nor code that compiled without excess fiddling. Project page here: http://code.google.com/p/bin2h/

The Rocket Knight Render Loop

Posted on 18 July 2010 | No responses

Rocket Knight is now comfortably out of the door; and the memories of long, late nights and almost missed winter holidays sufficiently faded for some useful retrospection. Something that was a little unusual in Rocket Knight, and that we paid particular attention to, was the 3D-as-2D art style. Between that style, practical requirements and the NPR nature of the game it soon became clear I would be building something a little unusual.

Read more

Old Demo Page

Posted on 12 June 2010 | No responses

Whilst trawling my data for vaguely related stuff, I found a back up of my website circa 4 years ago. I’ve decided to restore my old demos page & content from it,  which I made to go with graduate job applications on leaving Uni. They make me laugh, and in any case it seems a shame to delete them now after they’ve survived for so long.

You can it them here. I did eventually figure out what was wrong with the pre-sampled displacement maps (turns out I was running REF when I wrote that one…). Sadly, I never finished the project with Ironwood Omnimedia. Having a “real job” rather put an end to all that spare time I used to have :(.

Hello, Internet!

Posted on 12 June 2010 | No responses

Hello, and welcome to my website. I have built this modest website partly just to see what this WordPress thing is all about, and mostly because I like to keep a link to a web-page in my CV.

Some years ago, I kept an online “journal” before blogging was really identified as blogging. This experience taught me two things: firstly, that Google is really quite good at finding content ; and secondly that I’m not really the sort of person who regularly updates websites. Please, feel free to subscribe to any of the rss/atom feeds provided by WordPress – but don’t be expecting too much in the way of activity.

So, for what its worth – here it is. Why not have a look at some of the games I’ve worked on in the Gameography? There’s not so many, but that’s what happens when you spend the first two years of a short career working on projects that end up canned.

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