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This is my personal website – mostly an experiment in web technology, partly a place for me to foist myself upon the internet and partly an extended CV. I used to labour under the impression I’d make regular updates, but to be honest it just doesn’t seem like its going to be happening.

The name came about because all the other domains I thought sounded cool were taken, and because one day i’d like to go on a bit of a wander and use it as a travel log.

It also contains this About page, where I tell everyone how good I am at my job – just in case the CV wasn’t clear enough:

About me

I’m a professional software developer working in the UK for a video game developer. I work mostly in C/C++ on a variety of platforms, but sometimes stray into C#, C++/CLI and technologies such as WPF and WinForms. I have experience with several of the industries contemporary middlewares and nearly all the current hardware.

I’m not actively seeking a new job at the moment*, but if you’d like to outbid my current employers please do feel free to get in touch. I’m quite expensive and require careful feeding and watering (of shiny new toys and beer).

*caveat: unless you happen to be based in Sheffield, in which case I might be tempted.


If you’d like to contact me, then I’m matt at wayouthere dot co dot uk (you know what to do).


I don’t suppose for a moment this covers my arse in the slightest, but just so intention is clear: This is just my personal website. I frequently hold opinions that differ from my employers and their customers – this is normal, not an issue and means anything I say here is my view of the matter at hand and nothing to do with them.

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